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Getting around during your vacation


Rental agency V1:

Rates per day

Minimum age 23. 

Security deposit $500 

OB (tax) 9%

Unlimited km included.

Transfer from and to airport free up till 4 persons


Daihatsu Terios $38 per day excl ob
Kia Picanto $35 per day excl ob
Kia Sportage  $43 per day excl ob
Jeep Cherokee  $43 per day excl ob  
Pontiac Torrent  $43 per day excl ob
Mitsubishi Galant $41 per day excl ob
Hyunda Eon $35 per day excl ob


You must have a travel and accident insurance

The driver of the car must be 23 years of age and in possession of a valid driver's license.

There should not be driven Off the road, as well as driving with the car in the Christoffelpark.

You are required to use the steering lock. If this is not the case, it appears to have been stolen and there will be a $280 charge.

Note: drive the gastank never completely empty. At least 1 quarter. This is because the gasoline is not clean and an empty tank can yield a stuttering engine. We like you to return with the amount of gas in the tank as delivered.

In the event of damage and theft of the car the deposit will be retained.

You will receive from us a road map. Please leave it in the car. Would you like to keep the card it cost $8.50

We deliver the car to you clean and tidy. We expect the car the same when you return. If this is not the case, the cleaning fees ($66) will be deducted from the security deposit.

Rental agency V2:

Rates per day

Best rates with WA, highest price with all-risk insurance

Security deposit $300 

Unlimited km included. Your own risk can be bought off.

Minimum age 21.
Pick up airport (one way) $42 


Brand Size Rates Automatic/Shift Extra info
Ford Explorer XLT (7 pers) $55 - $62 automatic 6 cyl
Ford Explorer Sport (4 pers) $35 - $42 automatic
Volkswagen Polo (4 pers) $30 - $36 shift
Volkswagen Boro (4/5 pers) $30 - $36 shift  
Kia Optima EX (4 pers) $35 - $42 automatic
Chevolet Cobalt (4 pers) $30 - $42 automatic
Mazda 3 (4 pers) $30 - $42 automatic
Jeep Liberty (4/5 pers) $35 - $42 automatic 5 door

Rental agency V3

Rates per day including OB (tax)

Security deposit $300

Unlimited km included.

Minimum age 21.

Transfer from and to airport free up till 4 persons


Brand Size Rates Automatic / Shift
Hyunda Atos 4 pers $35 including OB automatic / shift
Suzuki Ignis 4 pers $35 including OB automatic / shift
Chevrolet Spark 4 pers $35 including OB automatic / shift


Wearing seat belts is mandatory or it will cost you a fine of $55
Please note traffic from the right has no prevail!!

In the event of an accident, you do not move the car, it has to stay at the scene of the accident, give us a call and then call immediately call the Road service (199) just stay even if you block the way. Moving means no more insurance.

Speed limit in built-up areas and in the city is 45 miles per hour.
Outside the city and on the 4 lane bypass you are subject to a speed limit of 60 to 80 km per hour. Follow just quietly with the traffic.

In case of rain the roads are very slippery in Curacao. Make sure do brake careful in rain and not unexpected. The roads are not of good quality. There are a lot of holes in the road.