Nederlands Engels Spaans Duits

History and information

Together with Aruba and Bonaire Curacao the
' Netherlands Antilles '.

The island has about 150,000 inhabitants, and is therefore
also the largest island of the Dutch Antilles. 444 km2.

Curacao is located in the southwestern part of the Caribbean on 12 degrees north latitude and 68 degrees west longitude.
The island is only 50 km away from the coast of Venezuela in South America.
The capital Willemstad is a Unesco World Heritage site.



The main language is Dutch and Papiamentu and English and Spanish will also be spoken.


The time difference with Europe is 5 hours earlier in the winter and as soon as daylight saving time begins in Europe it is 6 hours earlier. The time is the same as Eastern Daylight Time in the US.

Tropical diseases do not occur in the West Indies.
vaccinations are not required.

Tipping in restaurants, bars and hotels is not required, but are very much appreciated.

The water is of very good quality, you can drink from the tap.
It is soft and it contains no chloride and a little calcium.
The water is odorless.

The main voltage as shown on Curacao is 110 – 130 volts.
But there is also 220 volts.

The inclusion of coral is strictly prohibited.



Curacao is located in the tropics, and only 12 degrees of the equator, Curacao has a warm and sunny climate throughout the year.

Curacao has a pleasant tropical savanna climate.
A daytime temperature of about 30 a 32 degrees Celcius, with a delicious passatwind, that cools down in the evening to 24 – 27 Celcius.

The rainy season is from october to december.
But it is not a really a rainy season.

The average sea temperature is 27 to 28 degrees Celsius.



The land number of Curacao is (5999).
The USA from Curacao has to choose (00) and the number .



The currency is even after 10-10-10 still the Antillean guilder also called Naf or Ang.
The rate is linked to the USD. The USD is also a legal tender on Curacao.

Especially the well known Credit cards MasterCard, Visa & American Express are accepted virtually everywhere.
ATM’s are scattered around the island, you could have a choice
from the Antillean guilder or the USD.

geld cur


The capital of Curacao is Willemstad.
Willemstad is divided into 2 districts : in the East and also the oldest part Punda, all kinds of nice shops, and of course the Handelskade where you can sit on a terrace at the water and enjoy the pontoon bridge.
In the West Otrabanda with there colored houses.
Both districts are since 1888 connected by a wooden pontoon bridge. (Queen Emma bridge).
He floats over the St. Anna Bay. This pontoon bridge is also called the
“Swinging old lady”. The bridge is 168 meters long and is the only floating pontoon bridge in the world. The bridge floats on 16 pontoons.

As the bridge is to be opened for shipping this will be done in its whole length by the shore side of the bridge keeper to Otrabanda. The bridge is equipped with an engine. As the bridge is open, a free ferry is deployed several hundred meters further. The Emma bridge is built in 1888 and completely renovated in 1939 and 2005. At the start time the Emma bridge was a toll bridge, but people without shoes were allowed free to go to the other side.



The floating market is a popular sight in Curaçao: Here you can find special food.

Because Venezuela is only 50 km from Curacao, boats come from Venezuela with vegetable and fruit traders, they come in small boats to Willemstad in order to sell their wares.